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horn torus in physics history:

why did no one realize, describe and apply the
exceptional topology,
maximum symmetry,
high complexity and
creative capabilities
of the unique object 'horn torus'
- for centuries ?
science ignored its existence completely or
neglected its relevance unduly - till this day ...
... really weird!
( But now we have 21st century :-)
Horn Torus & Physics · texts · by W. Daeumler

mathematicians, physicists and other scientists, join in and rectify the mysterious omission! - you should not relinquish such an important subject and object to the esoterics alone ...the horn torus is an excellent graphical representation of complex numbers, a compactification with considerable more properties than the Riemann sphere has, it connects zero and infinity in an amazing way, can be dynamised by two independent turns, rotation around the axis and revolution around the torus bulge, what creates an incredible complexity and forms a coherent comprehensive entity, also explaining the potential for self-interaction and fractal order of complex numbers, and finally - most important - horn tori can be interlaced into one another and so very well symbolise correlation between entities, easily interpretable as physical objects: 'space', 'time', 'particles', 'forces' ...