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horn torus model in physics

Without meaning to diminish any of the superb scientific successes, and from a more philosophical, metaphysical point of view, I feel that physics hasn't made significant progression in fundamental open questions for fifty years or more. Many of those involved are convinced, that we urgently need a radical paradigm shift, but don't dare to be the initiator. Reasons for this stagnation might be: a too widespread lack of efforts for total abstraction, among others caused by the partial successes of empirical physics, by digitization with all its regaling possibilities, and because of the danger for those who deviate from mainstream to be dismissed as cranks. - I dare :-)   My humble suggestion is to engage with this small contribution to the practice of radical abstraction from 3D-space resp. all static vector spaces by help of the dynamised horn torus figure:

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Wolfgang W. Daeumler
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