Images of the Dynamic Horn Torus

Visualisations of animated horn tori, like this one, very often appear on other websites as copies from my (Wolfgang Däumler's) pages,
but sometimes as enlarged small images in a rather poor quality, despite in most cases there exists a version in higher resolution. - So,
before you display a graphic or animation within your own web project, please follow a bit more closely the links on my various websites:   /   /   /   contact   (in doubt, you can ask me)
For  private  use or small business copies expressively are allowed and there are no fees, but it would be friendly to cite the origin.
Often exist more versions (inverted, mirrored, reversed, different colours etc.), e.g. present animation in  higher resolution or varied :

This and other of my animations can be found on dozens of webpages worldwide.
The original was generated as early as 2000 and published on the German sites  and , then from 2006 also on 
Dorntorus is the German term for horn torus, but note:  Dorn isn't a horn, it means thorn.
Similar depictions of the above horn torus motions are available in many variations, e.g.:
 grey, pink, flickering, with hexagonal, reticular or striped surface - in 4 versions each.
The latter are trajectories (‘Lissajous’ figures) on horn torus surfaces - also often copied.
The artmetic graphic synthesizer, code and algorithm written from scratch in the nineties,
when I lived on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean, however, is not available on the market.
 2 more  Lissajous animations, recently (2020) generated by  Wolfgang W. Daeumler