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The animation shows a small section of a horn torus entity, between distinct two-blade and three-blade resonances (Lissajous figures),
representing the exchange boson between nucleons and their alleged 'constituents', the 'quarks'. This can be associated with a 'gluon':
The dynamic horn torus rotates around the symmetry axis and simultaneously performs a revolution around the torus bulge,
both turns with constant circumferential speed c. When the horn torus changes its size, the angular velocity of revolution changes too,
size and velocity being inversely proportional. The trajectory of a fixed point on the horn torus surface represents an
exchange boson between the resonances (= fermions). In the animation the line passes several faint resonances,
but they are too weak to be significant and appear only as short flashes (colours are arbitrary).
Note: the horn torus analogous model only shall symbolise mathematical 'behavior' of particles.
horn tori as three-dimensional geometrical solid figures are not seen in 'reality'!
See also animations symbolising the photon-electron-transition,
the gauge- and the Higgs bosons.
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