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Horn Torus & Physics
horn torus 0324
by Wolfgang W. Daeumler

Horn Torus

'Geometry Of Everything'
Horn tori in this geometrical model act as quite efficient visual aids for many aspects of physical processes and laws whose non-mathematical explanations often are not easily comprehensible by normal and even scientifically trained everyday's understanding,
and for which physicists until now not have contributed any appropriate
pictorial associations to match one's receptive mental imagery.
After intensive familiarization with the horn torus model, its analogous images and its geometrically representable dynamics, many terms, concepts and phenomena appear no longer mysterious and unexplained but become inevitable, logical, clear and evident:
space and time
structure formation
physical objects
entities and 'particles'
superpositions, interactions
resonances bosons-fermions
energy, mass, force, impulse
location and 'movement in space'
constancy of light speed
its value as maximum limit
constants, quantization of values
spin, isospin, (color-)charge, QCD
non-locality, quantum entanglement
symmetries, invariances, Pauli principle
determinism, causality, complexity
arrow and reversal of time, antimatter
some epistemological counterfactualities
singularities, infinity, cosmology ...