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Horn Torus & Physics
horn torus 0324
by Wolfgang W. Daeumler

Horn Torus

'Geometry Of Everything'
intellectual game to reveal engrams of dimensional thinking
and proposal for a different approach to physical questions

a thought experiment as an exercise for abstraction ability
and attempt to describe 'fundamental entities' colloquially
by reducing physical laws to properties of complex numbers,
illustrated with dynamically interlaced horn torus surfaces
horn torus cross-section
horn torus   tore á trou nul   Dorntorus
cross-section, longitudes spacing 5°
construction of a horn torus
1. conventional method:
rotate a circle around a tangent full 360°
resulting figure is a 'solid of revolution'
but here all turns around this symmetry axis
we will consistently denote as 'rotations'!
(revolution: swing around the torus bulge)

cross section

much more interesting is an alternate method ...
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