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Horn Torus - 'Geometry Of Everything'  by Wolfgang Daeumler
a small selection of short excerpts from DornTorus (German)
manuscript 7/1988, printed 1996-98, translation provisional
1. The Elimination Of Emptiness
- a short creation story -
For eons Her Almighty Emptiness had nothing else to do than counting numbers. One number after the other, in fine order and exact sequence, She let pass the numbers through Herself. Every number paused an infinitesimal short moment only, and without delay the next number was counted. Naturally that couldn't be real numbers, after all it was The Emptiness who counted, and there was no real universe yet, no reality, in which real numbers could have been found. No, the numbers just were imaginary.
After She had enumerated the unending series of numbers, all infinitely many numbers with their limitless length, back and forth, for infinite times, in peaceful tranquility, then it happened:
One single time, just the number 0.0072973527...(i) had stopped by, She stumbled for an infinitesimal short moment, didn't know for this infinitesimal short moment, in which direction She had to continue counting, started to panic and spin a little bit, and then as next, in error, She counted the wrong direction. One single wrong number She had counted. She had added one single real number to Her imaginary set. She shouldn't have done that! It was all over now with peaceful tranquility!
That single number made it to associate with the imaginaries, made it to multiply itself abruptly and wildly, made it to form a new infinity and fill it with tremendous plenty. The numbers got out of control of The Emptiness, becoming much mightier than their creator. The new numbers, in association with the old ones, were characterised by furious aggression. They not only eliminated The Emptiness, they fought against each other. The most aggressive, and that were nearly all, annihilated themselves in an uncontrollable battle all over the new infinity. With these real numbers had emerged a new unlimited reality, from beginning characterised by mad aggression.
Only a very small remainder, pairs of new and old, real and imaginary - complex numbers - survived the infernal chaos. They have forgotten their original fury and now provide the reality with infinite complexity. The real had recognized that they could not exist without the imaginary numbers, accepted their subordinate role in the universe of numbers and strictly obey all rules.
And Emptiness? Apparently She missed when stumbling over 0,0072973527...(i) this number and here She reserved a tranquil place for Herself, where She can indulge Her passion: counting Her old set of imaginary numbers. In the new world of complex numbers there is no space left for Her ...
2.  How did Emptiness count numbers? - quintessence of idleness
3.  Mental leaps - time is redundant
4.  Has time a direction? - what means time reversal?
5.  Real or imaginary world? - imagination and decision made easy
6.  Engrams - impediment to comprehension
7.  Dynamic geometry - renunciation of dimensionality
8.  Spatial point - without dimensions - what in the world is that?
9.  Analogies - dynamic geometry versus physical entities
10. Identifications - unrolling lines versus reference objects of physicists
11. Examples - a sneak peek as teaser
12. Dimensionality - not a physical term!
13. Gravitation and forces - intrinsic times and matter of rotation
14. Patterns and strings - of winding lines and tiny snippets
15. Metric - when dynamic processes induce discrete values
16. Grand unification - in plain common speech
17. .....
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