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Horn Torus - 'Geometry Of Everything'  by Wolfgang Daeumler
a small selection of short excerpts from DornTorus (German)
manuscript 7/1988, printed 1996-98, translation provisional
1.  The Elimination Of Emptiness - a short creation story
2. How did Emptiness count numbers?
It doesn't make any difference whether She lets flow the imaginary numbers through Herself, attending an infinitesimal short moment to every single number, or to run along the unlimited number line with infinite velocity. But the way of counting by The Emptiness is quintessence of idleness:
She remains in one spot. She has bended down the line to every number to a circle, the original number line being tangent in Her position, every size of circle corresponding to the quantity of a particular number. Then She pushes all circumferences only an infinitesimal little bit to roll along the number line, every circle with identic circumferential speed.
Now She can count all numbers without need of leaving Her bed! She only registers the angular velocity of a circle to recognize the number. She can do that at her position, where all circles touch the number line. The smaller the number the higher this velocity. The bigger the number the smaller the speed, approaching zero for very big numbers.
It doesn't make any difference whether She counts the number itself or the reciprocal value, provided that She always does it the same way.
When The Emptiness counted that infamous real number, She prior accidentally had performed an infinitesimal spin away from all circle's direction, equivalent the rotation of the whole system of circles around the number line axis. When the system of circles had performed one full rotation*, so that She could continue counting, the single real - and natural - number '1' had appeared, immediately starting that battle of eradication.
Real numbers with their infinite decimal length nowadays are not all realized in nature. Most have disappeared already during that big battle, shortly after counting wrong by The Emptiness. Our real numbers bear their name wrongfully. Reality exists of discrete values - continuum is illusionary mathematical construct - and the disappearance of most numbers (without any trace?!) has left wide gaps in the range of real numbers. (- Some call that 'inflationary scenario'! -)
*Note: One full rotation of a circle around a tangent forms a horn torus.
3.  Mental leaps - time is redundant
4.  Has time a direction? - what means time reversal?
5.  Real or imaginary world? - imagination and decision made easy
6.  Engrams - impediment to comprehension
7.  Dynamic geometry - renunciation of dimensionality
8.  Spatial point - without dimensions - what in the world is that?
9.  Analogies - dynamic geometry versus physical entities
10. Identifications - unrolling lines versus reference objects of physicists
11. Examples - a sneak peek as teaser
12. Dimensionality - not a physical term!
13. Gravitation and forces - intrinsic times and matter of rotation
14. Patterns and strings - of winding lines and tiny snippets
15. Metric - when dynamic processes induce discrete values
16. Grand unification - in plain common speech
17. .....
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